Good Finance loans – check what it is!

The Good Finance loan is a non-bank product that in many ways resembles a credit card. This is not an ordinary installment loan, but a loan limit of up to USD 40,000, from which you can draw funds many times during the term of the contract.

The solution can be used in an equally simple and quick way as with an online loan , because the entire procedure of applying for funding takes place via the Internet, and access to funds is possible even within 15 minutes of the successful examination of the application.

What is a Good Finance loan?


To understand what a loan is in Good Finance, it’s best to compare it to regular installment products. Standard consumer loans are granted on a one-off basis in a specified amount, which must then be repaid in monthly installments with interest. In the Good Finance solution, however, a limit is allocated from which funds can be drawn in any amount at any time.

For example, if you receive a limit of USD 5,000 and you only need USD 500, you can only withdraw this amount and then only interest will be charged . You can reach for another amount from the available amount in a few weeks, but it will not be necessary to submit a new loan application.

The repayment of the loan in Good Finance also looks different from that of a regular loan. The lender will set a minimum amount that you will pay monthly. However, you can pay back more if your financial condition allows it.

Each installment payment covers both the principal and interest part of the loan, but the capital returns to the pool of available funds, thus increasing the remaining limit of money to be used. So, for example, if the monthly installment amounts to USD 400, then after the first payment about USD 170 from the regulated sum will be added to the limit, which will now amount to USD 4,670.

How do you get a loan in Good Finance? Step by step

How do you get a loan in Good Finance? Step by step

If you are interested in a convenient revolving loan, you can take advantage of it completely online. To do this, first you need to choose a service offering such services, and then perform a few simple steps:

  1. Select the basic parameters of the loan: limit amount, loan period, etc.
  2. Register on the loan service by completing the form and providing all necessary identification and personal data (name and surname, address of residence, contact details, PESEL, series and number of ID card, bank account number etc.) and information necessary for the lender to assess the ability credit (e.g. employment, income, other obligations, etc.).
  3. Verify your identity – for example, by making a symbolic transfer to the lender’s account.
  4. Wait for the credit decision.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract, the amount of the loan limit granted and the rules for using it.
  6. Withdraw (or transfer to your bank account) the amount you need – at Good Finance you can withdraw no more than 50% of the limit granted the first time.

Conditions for obtaining a loan in Good Finance


The loan limit can be used by people who meet certain conditions. The most important of them are appropriate age (minimum 18 years), possession of Polish citizenship and ID card, as well as permanent residence in Poland. You must also have your own bank account, email address and mobile phone number.

The loan in Good Finance is granted on the basis of a creditworthiness analysis . When applying for it, you must expect that the lender will want to know your income and will also check your obligations in the Good Finance Information and any arrears in BIG debtors’ registers. Negative entries in these databases may result in you being refused a renewable limit.

Do you know that…

Line a loan is granted on the basis of simplified procedures, as well as a loan to the statement. This means that when you apply online, you do not need to provide a salary certificate from your employer.

How high can the loan amount be in Good Finance?


The loan limit is available at a much higher amount than standard payday loans. You can apply for up to USD 40,000 on Good Finance. However, remember that the final amount of the awarded amount will depend on the results of your creditworthiness test. In short, the lender will adjust the size of the limit to your financial capabilities so that repayment is not difficult for you .

Good Finance loan – where can you find the best deal?


GFIC is a company entered in the register of loan institutions of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, and its most well-known product is the Good Finance loan. It is granted under the following conditions:

  • limit amount – from USD 300 to 40,000,
  • repayment period – from 5 to 60 months,
  • interest – calculated only on the amount used,
  • the option of determining the date of repayment of the minimum amount,
  • payouts 7 days a week, 24 hours a day,
  • immediately after a positive credit decision you can withdraw a maximum of 50% of the limit amount – the rest will be available after sending the activation code by SMS, which is received by regular mail to the registration address.

Do you know that…

The Good Finance loan with a renewable limit from Mash is available not only on Good Finance. Here you can also apply for a limit of up to USD 40,000 completely online.

Similarly to Good Finance, people with Polish citizenship and 18 years of age, PESEL, own bank account and telephone number, as well as a permanent address in Poland can take advantage of the offer.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Good Finance loan

Advantages and disadvantages of the Good Finance loan

Before using the services of any loan company, it is worth checking what people who have already used them think about them. Admittedly, the loan in Good Finance opinions is in most cases positive.

The most important advantages of this solution should undoubtedly include:

  • simple loan application procedure – without certificates and completely online,
  • the possibility of receiving a high renewable limit,
  • permanent access to additional cash without additional formalities,
  • flexible forms of repayment (minimum amounts, the option of repayment day for monthly installments) .

However, the Good Finance loan limit also has some disadvantages:

  • it is only available to people with a good history in BIK and who do not configure BIG debtors in the registers,
  • high loan costs,
  • risk of excessive debt due to the freedom to withdraw cash within the limit granted.