Apply for a loan and reform your home!

Returning to routine usually means that we finally consider taking the step of making that reform in our home that we may have been postponing for various reasons; perhaps one of them is precisely its financing. According to Andimac (National Association of Ceramic Distributors and Construction Materials), the average value of the reform of a 90 m2 house was 22,701 dollars plus VAT in 2018, so make the decision to undertake it, especially if it is of the home in which we already live, it is something that should be meditated a lot.


Why use financing to make a reform at home?

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Financing your reform is usually a tricky aspect and one of the reasons why it is more difficult to take the step of carrying it out, since its amount is usually high. If you have saved long enough and can afford to pay without destabilizing your budget, congratulations! You’ll be able to take the expenses out of it with a single stroke and you won’t have to worry about future payments or the more than probable interest of other options. Still, make sure the contractor gives you a closed budget that saves you from surprises – and disbursements – later.

If this is not your case, the possibilities you have are numerous: from requesting a mortgage loan for reform to loading the amount on your credit card, but it is not always feasible to access all of them. Therefore, before even requesting a quote, compare all the alternatives available to you so that you can choose the most appropriate one for you.


What should you consider before applying for a loan to make a reform?

What should you consider before applying for a loan to make a reform?

First of all, we recommend that you manage it in time, as it may be the case that the bank takes more time to respond than the account and the budget that the contractor gave you no longer applies.

If you do not have the possibility of accessing a personal or mortgage loan, or the time is over and you do not want to give up the conditions that your contractor has offered you, you can turn to a fast credit financial institution, such as MoneyCone Credit. We offer you up to 5000 dollars so that you can pay for your reform: we give you up to 36 months to return it and we pay you the money in just 15 minutes from when we approved your request. You will only have to access our website, fill out the form and attach the documentation we ask for. We will give you an answer as soon as possible.


Benefits of a mortgage loan to reform your home

mortgage loan to reform your home

If you apply for a mortgage loan for reform, the main advantage is that you will have enough time to repay it. However, whether you get it depends on many factors and, in addition, the response can take a long time, as in the previous case. Always ask for it with enough margin to avoid taking unpleasant last-minute surprises.


Other important issues in the reform of your home

Other important issues in the reform of your home

You may think that, already in the works, it is better to do all the planned reforms at once and take away the inconvenience in the future. Or the contractor may make some suggestions that, while beautiful and practical, end up inflating the initial budget. In that case, the first thing is to prioritize. It is more convenient to start with what is really necessary and would mean a significant qualitative leap in the quality of life in your home, and postpone accessory changes for later. For example, you can consider starting with the kitchen and the bathroom, and leaving for later other less indispensable or merely aesthetic issues.

On the other hand, learning to delegate is a very useful vital skill, yes, but it should also be done in its proper measure. If there is any part of the reform that you can or know how to do, why don’t you venture out and get down to work yourself? Opting for do it yourself can cut your reform budget considerably; that’s why, if you have the knowledge for the task in question and, in addition, you like DIY, you can enjoy while saving. Do you want to dare with it, but you are not sure where to start? On YouTube you will find thousands of tutorials on changes and reforms at home that will guide you step by step to obtain the best result.

It is also essential that you do not stay with the first budget that they offer you: do not be afraid to ask different contractors and compare the conditions they offer you. Only then can you choose the option that best suits you and your needs. Always make sure that they offer you all the guarantees and, if you have the possibility, trust someone who has given you good references.


Another very important aspect is that of permits

Another very important aspect is that of permits

Before starting the works, contact your local town hall and request all necessary permits and licenses. Surely the contractor can guide you in this regard if you are not very clear what to ask for; do not hesitate to ask everything you need, but the responsibility in this regard is yours, so do not risk it. Also take into account the cost of these permits in your budget: although they are not usually large quantities, it is better to contemplate them in advance and not be surprised afterwards.

Finally, did you know that there are various public bodies that grant subsidies for the rehabilitation and reform of homes? Both on the website of the Ministry of Public Works and on that of some autonomous governments you can find out about the active calls for subsidies for the reform of homes and buildings. In them, you can find out if you meet the requirements to request them. From improving energy efficiency to basic functional adaptation for the elderly or disabled, the options are numerous and, in certain cases, the amount of aid could be 75% of the cost of the reform. Check with your town hall – many of them have signed collaboration agreements with other entities and act as intermediaries – or on the websites of the competent bodies.